Easy to wear PANICRA! ! Tear drop area dedicated snap

It is this "e-snap" that is really focused on "area trout". The point I want to pay the most attention to is that it is easy to put on and quick lure exchange is possible. In addition to a shallow bending hook that is easy to install on the crank, a wide round shape that does not impair the movement of a thick spoon.

Finish matt black with suppressed with Gila, retrieving and has prevented the opening by external processing. In addition, the teardrop shape firmly captures the center of the line.

Name Size Quantity Strength Price
e-snap #0 8 pieces 10lb ¥451
e-snap #00 8 pieces 8lb ¥451
Name e-snap
Size #0
Quantity 8 pieces
Strength 10lb
Price ¥451
Name e-snap
Size #00
Quantity 8 pieces
Strength 8lb
Price ¥451