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Repairs and maintenance

■ Regarding repair requests

Please leave the item you purchased at the store where you purchased it (or at a store that sells our products) with a clear description of the part to be repaired, your name, address, telephone number (a contact number that can be reached during the daytime on weekdays), and email address. Please leave the product (not just the damaged part, but the entire product itself). Please refrain from shipping the product yourself.


■ Repair costs

Please contact the store where you purchased the product (or a store that sells our products).


■ About payment method for repair costs

Once the repair is complete, we will send the item back to the shop where we received it, so you can pay at the store when you pick it up.


●We are not responsible for any modifications to the product. Please note that we may not be able to accept repairs for a fee.
●If parts are unable to be provided due to reasons such as discontinuation of production, we may refuse to repair the product.
●Due to parts suppliers and other external factors, we may have to keep products for an extended period of time.
●When ordering rod parts for repairs, etc., please inform the store where you purchased the rod of the product name. The product name is written on the warranty card and on the base of the rod.
We will not be able to accept damaged items if they are only partially damaged or if the product name cannot be identified.
●If we decide to replace the item with a new one, we will not be able to return the damaged item.
●Please note that all expenses other than repairs, such as packaging and shipping, will be borne by the customer.
Please remove any parts not made by our company before returning the product. We may not be able to return any third-party products. We cannot provide compensation if we are unable to return any third-party products or if they are damaged or lost.


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