2015-10-21 FRESH

GAVACHO FROG more comfortably

In order to use the GAVACHO FROG released this summer more comfortably
I would like to introduce the tuning method.

There is a weight at the bottom of GAVACHO FROG,
In a frog game where you attack obstacles tightly, you may hit a hard obstacle when casting.
In rare cases, the fight with bass opened a gap between the weight and the body.
There is a possibility that water will frequently infiltrate the inside of the body.
As a tuning method to prevent such an event and enjoy the frog game comfortably,
We recommend reinforcement with a commercially available sealant.

In addition, please be careful of the needle tip during the following work.

First, turn the hook away from the normal position and lightly open the space between the body and weight by hand.
(*Please note that peeling off strongly may cause peeling.)

Attach a sealing agent to cotton swabs or toothpicks,
Apply the sealant so that it fills the space between the sinker and the body.

After finishing applying the sealant around the sinker,
Put the hook back in the normal direction.
It is also recommended to reinforce the part where the double hook is protruding from the body.

For the drying time, follow the notation of your sealant.
I think that you can enjoy the frog game more comfortably only by this reinforcement.
Please try as a tuning before fishing trip.