2018-06-12 FRESH

To use CHOPCUT more comfortably

Thank you for your continued support of JACKALL Co., Ltd. products.

Regarding the CHOPCUT that was released in late May, it was revealed that some products, such as the image, contain the cup washer that gets caught in the gap between Heaton and locks the propeller.

If this phenomenon occurs, the propeller and body will rotate together and the original action will be lost.

As a solution, please use pliers to close the heaton gap where the cup washer gets caught.

In addition, please be careful of the needle tip when performing the following work.


If it is difficult for you to do the work yourself, we would appreciate if you could send it to us by freight collect.

We will perform maintenance and return the non-defective product.



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JACKALL INC. “To after-sales service”

Please include your address, name, and phone number when sending the product.
In the future, we will make further efforts to strengthen our quality control system to prevent recurrence.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.