that wraps everything
Infinite "blue".

The standing black reef, the crashing white waves, the madder sky that dyes the surface of the sea,
All of it is wrapped in endless "blue - cyan -".
On the other hand, we, who are insignificant, can only fight with all our might.
Believe in your experience, your equipment, your power,
Victory over the captured "blue".


impractical proposition,
Isogami's theory.

A cyan brand that generously incorporates the development and design technology that JACKALL has cultivated over 20 years into a rock shore game.
The development site is just on the beach. Desk assumptions are important, but Isogami is the only person who can provide the answer.
No matter which product is taken, the development team has visited the site countless times and refined it through repeated trial and error.
It will be a reassuring equipment for anglers who dream and challenge rock shore from now on, and for veteran anglers who keep chasing their dreams.


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In the bare nature,
throw yourself

A rocky shore called rock shore is a fishing spot made up of rocks. Rough waves wash the bare rocks, while tidal currents, sometimes river-like, flow beneath your feet. Many baits migrate in this field rich in nature, making it the perfect fishing spot for targeting large fish eaters that prey on them. However, when the fight starts, all the surroundings are rocks. The difficulty of catching it far exceeds that of embankments and surfs...

Let the “ROCK SHORE GAME” begin.