There is a world to reach after continuously being committed, and a strong desire to chase your goals. 

REVOLTAGE stays with anglers passionate dreams.

Keep chasing your dreams!


Fusion of
 Technology and design, 
 Overwhelming performance

High-dimensional performance based on actual battles, and embodying technology. 
The fusion of beautiful designs that will captivate you from the moment you see it. 
 With "B2-MX" which maximizes vibration, 
 Design concept that expands the possibilities of rods 
 "GP-BOOSTER" stirs instinct. 
 Only uncompromising pursuits drives us crazy.

"Extreme" exclusive design

Maximize vibration transmission force.
High sensitivity to penetrate

The blank with a sharply expanded diameter at the butt part has a new design in which the signal captured at the tip of the ear is echoed and amplified by the large cavity secured inside the handle and clearly transmitted to the angler. In addition, the thickness of the attached reel seat and grip material has been greatly reduced, which minimizes the weight due to the bonding of parts, leading to further weight reduction and higher sensitivity.


The potential of the material
New design to maximize


GP-BOOSTER is a design concept that makes it possible to eliminate blank flesh by placing materials with different elastic moduli and characteristics only in the necessary parts according to the application. By arranging materials with different elastic moduli in the same layer and suppressing the excess thickness, the characteristics of each material are maximized and the ideal action power is realized with lighter weight and higher strength.

Conventional structure

Conventionally sheets having different elasticity and characteristics in a relatively low modulus primary material over the rod total length retrieving are designing any action power by plus. Therefore, a layer is formed from the inner layer side of the blank in the order of low elasticity → medium elasticity → high elasticity.


Name Description Length Power Lure Line Price
RV-S61L Short spin for technically controlling the rig 6′1″ LIGHT 1.8-7g 3-6lb ¥25,800
RV-S64UL Ultimate Versatile finesse Spin 6′4″ ULTRA LIGHT 1.8-7g 2-5lb ¥26,300
RV-S510SUL-ST Super Ultra Light × Solid Tip that enables ultra-fast micro-wave shaking 5′10″ SUPER ULTRA LIGHT / Solid Tip 0.9-5g 2-5lb ¥25,800
RV-S68MH+ Big lurking in heavy cover bass the finesse in trigger bite, Hikizuridasu in power 6′8″ MEDIUM HEAVY PLUS 3.5-18g 8-14lb /
RV-C66M bass rod reference point Versatile bait rod 6′6″ MEDIUM 7-21g 10-16lb ¥26,300
RV-C610M Bait Tackle Super Multiplayer 6′10″ MEDIUM 7-21g 10-16lb ¥26,800
RV-C610H From the cover capture retrieving heavy versatile rod until the product 6′10″ HEAVY 10-42g 12-25lb ¥26,800
RV-C68ML-FML Technical cranking rod with Low Modulus tip 6′8″ MEDIUM LIGHT /
Fast Moving Baits:Low Modulus
5-18g 8-16lb ¥26,800
RV-C63ML Rod working special to control the lure freely 6′3″ MEDIUM LIGHT 5-18g 8-16lb ¥26,300

Revoltage SETUP